Mosaic of five people, one is holding a baby, looking up at a dove (the whole spirit) descending upon a small town in the background.
by Professor Cláudio Carvalhaes Re-published from: Practical Matters Journal post on August 27, 2018  Abstract We are all immigrants! Some of us are more recent immigrants than others. In this time of nation-states, we forget that our true country, our true home, is in heaven and we are all moving around […]


I stood in the aisle of the plane in Dallas waiting to get off after a short flight from San Antonio. I was row 30; it would be awhile. A young mother stood in front of me; her young daughter cradled in her arm leaning on one shoulder. Her other […]

Salvadoran With an Ankle Monitor

Autor: Rvdo. Samuel Pagán Hace más de un siglo, un general británico que caminaba por Jerusalén le pareció notar, en una colina adyacente a la ciudad, y esculpida entre las piedras, una especie de calavera. A simple vista, algunas personas pueden identificar los espacios para los ojos y la nariz. El […]

El Jardín de la Tumba

By Sam Cruz As a U.S. Latino scholar of religion I have been concerned for quite some time with the dearth of writing regarding two important issues that impact Latin@ communities. The first issue is that of race and racism in the Caribbean and Latin America, with all of its […]

Race and Sexuality: What Do U.S. Latin@ Religious Scholars Say?

Missing Minority Ph.D.s by: Scott Jaschik ATLANTA — The Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, whose annual meeting just concluded here, gathers 1,300 minority Ph.D. students and postdocs, and some of their advisers in what is billed as the largest annual gathering of minority doctoral students. Many here talk about the […]

Study Finds Serious Attrition issues for Black and Latino Doctoral ...

Watch below an interview conducted by former and upcoming HSP 2015 professor, Dr. Cláudio Carvalhaes with HSP 2014 Dr. Eduardo Mendieta.   “Every week I post a theological pamphlet about some theme/issue/topic related to life and God. A pamphlet is a piece of paper, from one to 4 pages, that can be folded, holding […]

Pamphletarian Theology with Cláudio Carvalhaes – Eduardo Mendieta