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Our online J-Term intensive expands the curricular offerings of our Sponsoring Schools by hosting a full accredited online course in Latinx theology, history, sociology, and/or ministry. Taught by a different HSP faculty member each year, this J-Term intensive offers a unique opportunity for students who are not able to attend the HSP Summer Session or who prefer an online learning environment.

Amidst the great advances in diversity, equity, and inclusion there remains a chasm of opportunity to teach from a distinctly Latinx perspective in our ATS institutions and graduate programs of religion. The HSP J-Term intensive seeks to meet that need directly by providing yet another opportunity for Latinx pedagogy and scholarship to be centered in addition to our Summer Session.

J-Term 2024

Dr. Horacio Vela

University of the Incarnate Word

Latinx Scriptures, Theologies, and Activism

This course focuses on the relationship between scriptures, theology, and social and political activism in US Latina/o/x contexts. Foundational to the course are the roles of social location, community, and everyday experience in Latinx hermeneutical approaches and approaches to the Christian Bible. Emphasis is placed on key themes such as diaspora, exile, borderlands, immigration, and constructions of race and ethnicity. In addition, the course surveys how Latinx theologians have engaged the Christian Bible (and other scriptures) and interpreted them through the lived experiences, struggles, and activism of Latinx communities. Moreover, the course reflects on past and present Latinx activist movements, their scripturalizing discourses, and their connections with Latinx religious traditions. Particular attention is paid to scripturalizing discourses of the Chicano/a/x movements, Mujerista theology and Latina feminism, and other religious and political movements. The course thus assesses how scriptures are contested, interpreted, and (re)written in light of activist movements and Latinx religious traditions.

Program Dates and Location

January 2 – 12, 2024
Classes held Monday through Friday from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm (EST)

Hosted by Drew Theological School

Teaching Modality

Course is completely Online

Course Credits

Three graduate level credits are conferred by Drew Theological School upon successful completion of the HSP J-Term Course.

Program Description

The HSP J-Term allows students to take a three-credit graduate level course taught by a world class Latinx faculty. Like all HSP courses, this class centers on Latinx perspectives to the given topic and is taught in a Latinx majority classroom. Through such an experience students will gain deeper knowledge of a specific topic and learn what it’s like to study in an environment that centers Latinx voices. 


Unless otherwise stated in the course description, all HSP courses are primarily taught in English. 


Masters level students at accredited institutions as well as doctoral students can apply for our classes. Priority admission is first given to Masters level students from HSP Sponsoring Schools. 


$375 for Masters Level Students from HSP Sponsoring Schools
$475 for Students from Non-Sponsoring Schools and/or Doctoral Students

Application Schedule

Applications Open | October 15, 2023
Applications Close | November 30, 2023
Admissions Decisions | Sent on or around December 6, 2023

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