Through Hispanic Eyes


Through Hispanic Eyes (T.H.E.) is a cross-cultural program created over a decade ago to help expand the reach and impact of the Hispanic Summer Program as a program of theological education that is shaped by a truly Latino/Hispanic perspective. While the Hispanic Summer Program sessions held each year are primarily for first degree masters level Latina/o students enrolled in ATS schools, T.H.E. seeks to engage and gather in constructive and critical conversation non-Latino seminary presidents, academic deans, faculty, as well as those very important staff members who work with students—admissions officers and student life directors. The main goal of the T.H.E. workshop is to focus on the issue of theological education from a Latino perspective while holding in tension some other important related issues—the hire and retention of Latina/o faculty, curriculum needs of Latina/o students, race, gender, immigration, student retention, and the reality of the U.S. Latino church.

Because the T.H.E. workshop is aimed specifically at non-Latino seminary administrators and staff this participants have the unique opportunity to engage one another in conversation and critical analysis of how their institutions can become more welcoming to Latino students and what are the opportunities and obstacles that their own institutions face to the issue of diversity and work with Latino students and the U.S. Latino church. A Latina/o faculty member, who may also be a seminary administrator, leads the T.H.E. workshop helping to bring the group together, providing reading materials, and organizing the workshop itself.

T.H.E. meets during the time the Hispanic Summer Program is in session thereby providing the opportunity for participants to share meals with the students, sit-in on one class, attend chapel, and engage in conversation with the Latina/o faculty teaching in that summer session. Typically the participants arrive on a Sunday and depart on a Wednesday after lunch. Each participant will pay a $500 fee, which will cover housing and meals while on site as well as transportation to and from the airport. Participants will be reimbursed for their air travel up to $500 and it is expected that participants will seek the lowest airfare available.

In 2017 T.H.E will meet at the North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, IL. Participants are expected to arrive no later than 2 pm on Sunday, June 25 and depart after lunch on Wednesday, June 28. The program fee is $500 and includes tuition, room & board and travel expenses. The deadline to apply is Feb. 13, 2017. Applications will be available on this website the first week of December 2016.


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